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It was the monk Zayan Gegeen who, in 1616, created the monastery and the village of Tsetserleg that surrounds it to the south of Bulgan Mountain. It is said that he reincarnated three times.

The ancient temple of Zayan Gegeen was restored in 1951. After serving as a warehouse during the communist regime, it was transformed into an ethnic museum. It has, therefore, ceased all religious activities today. Made of wood, stone, blue bricks, and tiles, its architecture is inspired by Tibetan, Tibeto-Mongolian, and Sino-Tibetan styles.

The first floor of the central building consists of three temples containing the remains of the three Zayan Gegeen. The site was made up of several temples and could accommodate 1,000 monks, or even 4,000 for certain religious ceremonies. Two Tibetan-style wings were added in the 19th century.

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