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Tsagaan Survaga


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Tsagaan Survaga Rock Formations

The Tsagaan Suvarga rock formations, which translates to "white stupa" in Mongolian, are located to the southwest of the village of Ölziit in the southern part of the Dundgovi province.

These rocks have been shaped by the wind and nature over thousands of years, rising to about 60 meters in height and stretching over 400 meters in length. They are composed of various minerals that, when exposed to oxygen, take on vibrant hues - some rocks appear pink, while others are red or even orange. In early summer, when the grass is green, and the flowers are in full bloom, the place resembles a rainbow on earth, a sight that photography enthusiasts won't want to miss capturing.

It's also worth noting that Tsagaan Suvarga was once home to an ocean millions of years ago. Today, the traces of this ancient marine world are still present in fossilized form.

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