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Khustaïn Nuruu National Park- Przewalski Horses


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Khustaïn Nuruu National Park

The Khustai National Park, spanning over 50,000 hectares, was established in 1992 and chosen as the site for the reintroduction of the Przewalski's Horse, known as "Takhi" in Mongolian. Genetically distinct from the domestic horse, with 66 chromosomes as opposed to 64, it is a small, hardy, and entirely wild species. Currently, there are 200 horses living freely within the reserve, alongside other rare species such as the Maral and the steppe gazelle.

The Przewalski's Horse exhibits several "primitive" characteristics in its appearance: it possesses a large head, high-set eyes (unlike other horses, which have eyes on the sides of their heads), long ears, a robust neck, a sturdy body, leg stripes, and an isabelline coat reminiscent of prehistoric art representations. On average, it stands at 1.30 meters at the withers.

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